Supply Chain Management : Strategic And Operational Levels Essay

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Introduction: Supply chain management is composed of different elements that play a crucial role in the survival and success of a business. Supply chain management is a chain of elements that consists of customers, planning, purchasing, inventory, production and transportation which are managed through tactical, strategic and operational levels. Technology covers a major functional role in supply chain without which the activities and responsibilities of supply chain may not be achieved. The global issue of supply chain revolves around communication where it is important to communicate in supplier communities. Other issues of communication involve language barrier and difference in cultural behaviors. Other considerations involve political stability of the country in which the businesses are resourcing. Some factors to be aware of the type of governments in the market, the level of civil unrest and the possible terrorism concerns. Sustainable supply chain is a critical business issue where companies need to strengthen their supply chain by setting stronger policies and higher standards for environmental and social performance. Supply chains are critical links that synchronizes the inputs of the companies with its outputs. Critical businesses challenges are always involved in any type of business some of them are in concern with supply chain are bringing the prices down, making sure of on time delivery and decreasing transportation time for a better reaction to business

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