Support Children's Health And Social Care Environment Analysis

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• My vision for working with children is very interesting and. Children are lovely. They give me a different experience when they kiss me and give me a hug. Also as English is my second language, I learn from children when I stay with them.
I believe children learn best through play experiences that we should plan activates based on their interests. As I think that if children have interested in something, it will be stimulated their curiosity and want to get more knowledge. “emergent curriculum is more effective when it goes beyond interests to focus on children’s thinking” (Dietze & Kashin, 2016, p. 18).
• I envision the early learning environment as the third teacher to children. As I think children are curious about the environment, they want to explore the environment and they can get more knowledge from exploration.
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As I think children are young, and they should get more love and support from their living environment.
• I believe that children and families are a whole and they have inextricably linked. Families should take care of children, and children have a good relationship with families.
• I see my colleagues as a teacher, as I think different people have different strength. Like how do they treat children, how do they deal with people. For example, my colleagues are all Philippines, I can learn their language skills, I also can see how do they deal with crying children.
• I believe I bring qualities such as love, creative thinking, independent, and positive attitude to children. I think I love children. I want to provide a good growth environment to them. Not only for taking care of their body but also for their mental

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