Supportive Relationships Essay

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Supportive Relationships Task 1 – (P6, M3) In this part of the assignment I will be discussing the extent to which supportive relationships with adults can reduce the risk of abuse and neglect, making references to the case studies of Carla, Denzil and Rafeyia, detailing how such relationships would reduce the risk of abuse for them in particular. A supportive relationship involves the, care and support from those around you such as friends, family and care workers. Supportive relationships affect our health and well-being in a very positive way, having the support from people around us gives us confidence and makes us feel better about also means that we build trust in people to help look after us, and when something goes…show more content…
Due to the fact Dave sees Denzil every day it also means that he would be able to notice quite easily any changes in his behaviour, such early detection minimises any chance or risk of exploitation; it also means that Denzil knows he is being watched supportively which spurs him on to avoid risks of abuse that may come his way. He feels empowered that the hostel worker would notice and be there to help if temptation did make an appearance. Care work has to be based on person centred care, this means putting the service user at the heart of all decisions and care. What choices are made has to be based upon what is believed to be best for them, as well as taking in to account what they want from you, this is where their individual rights need to be taking in to account the rights of other people and respecting them it minimises the risk of abuse taking place in the first place. In the case study, it tells of Rafeyia, a 30 year old girl with learning disabilities. She attends a day centre and her support worker noticed shed become quite withdrawn, suspecting a male individual has been bothering he. Because of the supportive relationship Clare (her support worker,) has with Rafeyia, she is going to have a chat with her. In this case it is clear that within the boundaries of their relationship, they have managed to build up a high and secure level of trust between them. It is this trust that makes Clare believe Rafeyia will
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