Surgery Recovery Persuasive Essay

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As women age, many changes take place in her body such as hormone levels reducing, hair graying, and skin wrinkling. Kegel muscles, found inside the vagina and pelvic walls, start to lose elasticity. This change is daunting to many women, and can greatly have an effect on their ability to enjoy sexual intercourse. The sensations and feelings may be lost by this change, and there are some options available to restore their glorious physical state. The most obvious option many women choose is surgery to rejuvenate vaginal size, allowing them to get to enjoy their time with their partners again. Although surgical procedures work wonders, they are not always financially feasible, and this has made many women choose other methods to solve the problem …show more content…

There is also the less frequent change caused by hormonal imbalance, or neurological disorders. No matter the cause, it is a difficult condition to live with, and the more risky surgical procedures were the most effective solutions. You can now enjoy the less expensive and equally effective natural methods available today, which come to you in safe and easy to apply methods, which save you surgery recovery time, and much more.

There are many advantages to using creams and gels, which not only reduce the size of the vagina, but also recover the flexibility and reshape the vaginal wall. The creams also restore the lubrication and sensation, allowing you to get the benefits of a healthy sexual life.

All our bodies are different, and the results of using the creams affect every woman in their own way, with some even getting a 'better than before' outcome. Nevertheless, the enhancement is effective enough to bear good results to every woman who uses them. Surgical ways have a high success rate, but there is always the risk of failure, which can leave you in worse shape than you were going into the operating room. You can simply avoid these risks by opting for the natural cream

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