Surroundings Influence On College Campuses

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College campuses lack in reflecting the environment of the students neighborhoods. There seems to be no relevance in how students are back home versus how they are on college campuses. Although often times students tend to bring along their environment back to school rather than it staying at home. Various student code switch to their audience while some do not. Surroundings influence our physical and mental state in every way possible. However, many students are blinded and conditioned to “act” a certain way in their neighborhoods and either become a completely different person at school or remain the same. This is illustrated in various ways. For example, the way students communicate, and dress are two factors that play a huge role in their…show more content…
Many of materialistic items that student own and flaunt do not reflect the actual financial stability that they are enduring. This may be to “fit in” to what college defines as student appropriate. Most cars that students drive seem to be right out of the dealer. They lack in knowing how to spend their financial aid and invest in items that are way too far from their budget. Students confuse education with materialism. They get caught up in the money, and don't value what is truly offered to them, an education. Meanwhile, back at home they are either too scared or too embarrassed to flaunt what they have because they know it can get them in trouble. That is where campuses and neighborhoods share a difference. They provide a difference sense of security. A campus may welcome a expensive new car, and a whole new outfit . However, neighborhoods won't. Why so? Because neighborhoods aren’t interested in knowing what shoes you're wearing or what brand of shades you bought. They are too busy worrying about other things such as what their meal will be for today. says that the annual income for Sun Valley residents is $51,296 and Northidge is $81,511. That is the huge
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