Sustainable Agriculture Vs. Traditional Agriculture

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Hey today I will be talking about why I choose sustainable Agriculture and go against Traditional Agriculture. First I’ll give you the definition or what traditional and sustainable agriculture are.Traditional Agriculture is an old fashion way of agriculture. Sustainable Agriculture is a newer way. Also the definition for Agriculture: is a way of farming and practicing a way of producing wool or food. The reason that I choose Sustainable is because it doesn't damage a lot like traditional agriculture does. But that's my personal opinion. I will tell you why I think Sustainable is better and what advantages it has.

A way that Traditional agriculture damages the environment is by killing the topsoil and subsoil. Also it kills pest that are not harmful for the crops. An example would be ladybugs who are affected when the pesticide from the plants runoff and go to the ladybugs habitat and get on their food and that's how traditional affects them. Also traditional agriculture uses a lot of chemicals.It also affects different species of birds. It is also harder to harvest than sustainable. It can even affect us, when the level is high on the plants the higher is the chance of getting ill , like cancer. So people who live close to these farm lands that use traditional agriculture have a chance of having cancer going through their family generations.

Now sustainable has more advantages. Some advantages that it has is that it produces healthy crops. Other advantages that it

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