Sword Of Valor's Song Analysis

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On Wednesday August 24,2016 in the Atkinson Recital hall location in the NMSU Campus horseshoe, Paul Blackstone, Brian Brown, Audrey Good and Gerry Wood is a group of Horn players called The Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse. This laid back group showed musicians and residents of Las Cruces, New Mexico their versatile style in playing the horn. As the group came on to the stage with such formal look, they started out on a strong introduction piece called Swords of Valor composed by John Wasson (b.1956), the piece was very powerful and you could feel the way the music spoked to you. It was a world premiere and the second time the group has ever played that song. As the recital went on they showed us their different ways of playing the horns with songs like Earth song composed by Frank Ticheli (b.1958) to Blues Rondo a la Turk composed by David Brubeck (1920-2012). Each song was very moving and the styles of the songs made you think of the horn in a different way than before. Over all I had a wonder experience watching the Four horns men …show more content…

Medium 17. March composed by Lowell E. Shaw (b.1930) and Give it one by Maynard Ferguson (1928-2006), with these songs they were even dancing. I am pretty sure that’s not easy playing a horn, reading music and dancing all at the same time ha. But they really had fun with it and so did the audience as we began to clap along while the played. You could see that everyone was having a good time, it was a wonderful way to end a recital. The Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse were moving formal group, but they were also witty energetic and enjoyable. I would not change my experience for the first time seeing them, it would probably be something I would want to relive and relisted too. This group has expanded my knowledge of how the horn is played and the versatile of their music. I would highly recommend anyone to see this group, personally I would like to see them again

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