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Frankie is a bi-monthly Australian print magazine, of standard size, with around 150 pages. The magazine is mainly targeted towards women, however a quarter of their audience is men. Frankie is written for individuals between the ages of 20-35 who are cultured, have an alternative lifestyle and have a keen focus for the creative arts and authentic artisan goods. They do allow a proportion of the content to also be targeted towards early adopters and new readers and focus on appealing to their individuality, whimsical nature and youthful spirit. Made clear by the magazines pricing and advertisement, their readers would mostly be in a moderate-high earning income bracket. However, The magazine high quality and strong brand awareness/loyalty …show more content…

The “About Frankie” page on their website states “We cover design, art, photography, fashion, travel, music, craft, interiors and real life stories”. Their feature lengths vary throughout the magazine, the shortest feature is around half a page and the longest is three pages. While the shorter features are quite photo heavy, the longer features are more content focused and are usually only accompanied by one to two, half or full page photos. Sentences are usually short and simple – should take up about two or so lines. Their text is quite segmented by short and sharp paragraphs, which a usually no longer than 8 or 9 lines.

Frankie is comical and quirky, and therefore the language reflects this. There isn’t a lot of industry specific jargon included within their features (or if it is included it is brief, simple or well explained). Frankie is quite full of Australian colloquialism and slang. Also, due to Frankie’s young targeted demographic, features can include swear words and rude/cheeky humour. They have no reservations making jokes about sex, genitals and other crude topics. The tone of the magazine is light hearted and …show more content…

However within their current issue they have included features that are written from third person. It is assumed their high inclusion of first person features is to remain relative to the target audience and to easily give “real life perspectives”. Their 3rd person features are usually a more in depth and less writer opinionated (but still satirical and humorous) look into a person, issue, exhibition, business or product. A lot of the content of the magazine is based around the profile of achievers, speaking about taboo issues and discussing and displaying current Australian creativity. Their features can also include tips, general knowledge/facts and interesting tid-bits of information. They consistently, across issues, segment in-depth or interesting topics by different perspectives or subtopics and link them with a general lead and sometimes conclusion

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