Swot Analysis Of Amazon

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The founder, Jeff Bezos first launched Amazon in July 1995 as an online bookstore. Initially, the company name was Cadabra but was changed because it sounded to familiar to Cadaver. Bezos wanted to name the company after the largest river, The Amazon River, because he wanted his company to be the largest bookstore. The original logo had a river flowing through a capital letter a. A few years later, It was changed to Amazon spelled out with an arrow going form the a to the z; displaying that their company will now having everything from a to z. The expansion of company began; new items included DVD’s, clothes, electronics, music, and games. Bezos was customer driven and guided his company with four principles: customer obsession rather than…show more content…
This allows the company to market similar products or products that would pair with an item currently being purchased. By doing this, customers are exposed to new products that they were originally not looking for. An Amazon spokesperson stated, “Our mission is to delight our customers by allowing them to serendipitously discover great products, we believe this happens every single day and that’s our biggest metric of success.” Amazon knows that the more relevant the product is to the user the more likely users will purchase. They use this technique to self- market therefore, customers are exposed and discovering new products without ever leaving the website. It influences customers to purchase more than one product. Another way Amazon utilizes Internet to market their company is through email. Amazon will personalize every email sent to its customers based on past purchases, age, location, gender, and behavior on-site. In each email sent to customers, Amazon is trying to further promote their company. For example, after someone has purchased a product on Amazon, they send a thank you email. Within that email, Amazon says, “Thanks for making a purchase with Amazon. Here are a bunch of ways to make lots more purchases, on every device and platform.” This email is presenting new resources and ways to shop with Amazon. The resources provided in the email include, Amazon Prime,
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