Swot Analysis Of Ansoff 's Matrix For Mercure Hotel Essay

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The Ansoff Product-Growth Matrix as a marketing tool is used to analyses alternative corporate growth strategies, concentrating on the hotel’s present and possible products and markets. It evaluates ways to grow by exploring the existing products as well as new products. In existing markets and new markets, there exist four likely product-market combinations (Cohen 2013). Ansoff 's matrix for Mercure Hotel offers four different growth strategies: Market Penetration - the hotel pursue to attain growth with present products in their present market segments, targeting to increase its market share. Market Development - the hotel also strives for growth by aiming its existing products and services to new market segments. Product Development - the hotel also comes up with new products and services which are usually targeted to its current market segments. Diversification - the hotel grows by diversifying into new portfolios by developing innovative and new products for new markets it has identified (Jain 2005). According to Hiebig & Cooper (2000), Igor Ansoff presented the Ansoff Matrix that concentrated on the company 's current situation and its products and markets. The matrix considers different ways to grow via the existing products and market and the new products and market. Thus grounded on these combinations, Mercure Hotels seems to infiltrate the different markets by providing an extensive range of hospitable products and services in an affordable price. The hotel

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