Swot Analysis Of BT

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BT is the leading telecommunication company in Europe. As the information and telecommunication requirements of people increases, British Telecommunication (BT) has a leading corresponding growth in the size and number of information processed. Therefore, the genuine analyses on BT are required for such an important and strategic company.
BT has expanded into about five different businesses BT Retail, BT Wholesale, BT Global, BT Openworld, BT Exact, and the Group has re-focused its core activities on voice and data customers. The mission statement of customer focus and excellent service promise, key business processes as to how BT operates was looked at.
Thereafter, a SWOT analysis was conducted to show the state of BT in business as a brand …show more content…

A virtuous circle. And BT will also use it to pay dividends to its shareholders and reward other stakeholders [BT Report. 2017].
BT strategy is founded on broadening and deepening its customer relationships.
To deliver sustainable profitable revenue growth, BT needs stronger relationships with its customers. That means making sure the company stay relevant to them as markets, lifestyles and technologies change.
The three pillars of BT’s strategy help the company to do that: delivering superior customer service; transforming our costs; and investing for growth. The better our customer service, the more the company sells and the less time and money is spend in putting things right. And the better the company manages its costs, the better value for money BT can offer to its customers and the more it invest in giving customers what they need - today and tomorrow. These are the principles that drive BT business model [BT Report. 2017].
For 2017/18 BT’s strategy is evolving. The three pillars remain broadly the same but with a wider focus on the overall customer experience rather than just on customer service. And with the acquisition of EE limited, the company’s investment areas are evolving to focus on having the best integrated network in the UK and being a fully converged service

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