Swot Analysis Of Delta Airlines

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Traveling is something that is done for personal reasons or business. Every day, we, utilizes the usage or motor vehicles, trains, boats or even airplanes. Delta airlines is a power house in the business of airline travel. Delta airlines conducts business domestically as well as internationally. This paper will examine how the company’s mission and vision statements and primary stakeholders help in Delta’s success. It will also examine a SWOT analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. It will determine various strategy levels; corporate governance mechanisms and it will evaluate the effectiveness of leadership in the company and determine if there is room for improvement. The roots of Delta airlines started in 1924 as Huff Darland Dusters which were the first commercial crop dusters for farmers in Macon, GA. In 1925, the headquarters were move to Monroe, LA and included 18 planes that operated from south to Florida, north to Arkansas and as far west to California and Mexico. In 1927, services were extended into Peru and South America in 1928. Also in 1928, C.E. Woolman, who was the chief founder of Delta acquires Huff Darland Dusters and renames it Delta Air Service and in 1929, Delta operated its first passenger service from Texas to Mississippi to Louisiana. The plane was called a Travel Air S-6000B carrying five passengers and one pilot. In 1934, Delta receives air mail route. Also in 1930’s passenger increases. In 1941, Delta moved its headquarters

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