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Indian Institute of Management, Trichy Managing Organizations Term 1 – Project 1 – Final Report Project Topic: To understand the structure, process and culture of a real life organization Organization: Grant Thornton India LLP Batch: PGP 2016-18 Section - A Team members Name Roll Number Ankit Ujjwal 1601009 Archit Bisht 1601010 Dwaipayan Chakraborty 1601017 Dhananjay Mehendale 1601025 Reshma Rayadurgam 1601039 Vinay M. 1601053 Table of Contents Serial Number Topic covered Page Number 1 About Grant Thornton India 3 2 Organizational Design 3 3 Organizational Environment 4 4 Organizational Strategy 5 5 Organizational Structure 6 6 Organizational Culture (including primary data survey) 9 7 Analysis and Critique 12 About Grant Thornton in India…show more content…
They have an experienced and dedicated team with knowledge across industries and a critical understanding of commercial and emotional issues involved through the sales process. Functional Level Strategy: Grand Thornton has developed a strategy to differentiate themselves from the Big Four. The group describes themselves as ‘Advisers to the independently minded’ and pride themselves in being responsive and flexible. This serves as their source of recruitment strength. Employees who want to work independently with free mind seek the opportunity to join Grand Thornton. Over the past 3-4 years, the company has heavily invested in talent management practices to retain and develop its valuable employees. The company has designed a centralized National Training Centre which monitors progress of each employee and holds data on their performance. Their objective is as follows: • Redefine competencies • Improve management processes • Improve local staff development • Introduce career management processes for those who have gone through development

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