Swot Analysis Of Mountain Dew And Coca Cola Amatil Essay

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Introduction Frucor and Coca-Cola Amatil are constantly butting heads in the New Zealand Soft-Drink Duopoly, an industry worth $1.2 Billion. Frucor has a tentative lead with a market share of 37.2%, while Coca-Cola Amatil holds 36.9%, in an industry worth $1.2 billion a year. Frucor, a previously New Zealand owned distributor and bottler, is a leading employer in New Zealand and the distributor of the focal brand, Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew is a citrus flavoured soft-drink with a unique marketing campaign that sees it treated as an energy drink. Frucor is also a socially aware and responsible company, “whether it’s thinking improved nutrition, looking after the community or protecting our environment, we take social responsibility seriously. (Frucor, 2015). Both companies are ultimately competing for the same consumer dollar in the food and beverage market, and it is thusly important for the companies to be able to distinguish themselves from the other. Purpose The objective of this report is to investigate past and present operations of Mountain Dew within the New Zealand market and the relationship between brand performance and market trends; this will be compared to the performance of notable competitors such as Sprite, and Lift+; brands of Coca-Cola Amatil LTD. This report emphasises, particularly, how Mountain Dew distinguishes itself from these competitors, and how it can further do so. Identification of Frucor’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities will

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