Swot Analysis Of Pampers

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Pampers is baby and toddler American brand which is owned by the parent Company Procter and Gamble. The main products manufactured by Pampers are diapers, training pants and baby wipes. Pampers is a very famous brand in Pakistan and is purchased by almost every woman who has kids aged between 0-3 years. The awareness of Pampers in Pakistan was done mainly through television commercials, along with that hospitals such as Aga Khan and South City also use pampers for new born babies in the ward. The Target market of the market offering: The target market of Pampers Pakistan consists of moms to be and mothers of children aged between 0-3 years. Through this, it can be understood that Pampers is not a niche market product because diapers are needed in almost …show more content…

Moreover their diapers are made from soft and breathable materials that gives Pampers extra credit as babies can easily move along in these comfy diapers, whether they play or sleep during the day. Branding elements that gives Pampers an extra edge in the baby industry: 1. Consumer is first priority – Conducting researches and surveys on what consumer feel at present moment and what they want in future, this is what pampers keeping looking into. This is to have a deep consumer insight for further improvements for their product. This gives Pampers competitive advantage, as they don’t just want to listen to their customers but the brand wishes to meet them in person to gain a better understanding of customer needs and wants. 2. Market segmentation based on consumer understanding – In this part the company takes each and every baby into consideration. Such as babies from different ages groups have different needs in terms of material and comfort. Not only the babies but their mothers are also studied carefully to provide them with those features that their mother wish to have for their

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