Swot Analysis Of Restaurant N Joy

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1.0 Background of company
Restaurant N’Joy is a company located at Seoul that providing marketing service or platform for restaurants, hotels and other businesses. Restaurant N’Joy act as a platform of communication between company and customer. They provide different choices of restaurant such as hotels restaurant, family restaurant, specialty restaurant, premium and buffet restaurant. Besides doing reservation for normal lunch or dinner, Restaurant N’Joy also providing reservation for birthday party and wedding event. Customers also can get discount coupon and dining gift certification when make reservation through Restaurant N’Joy. Through this business marketing, 300 premium supplier make a business with Restaurant N’Joy to promote their business. Some of the supplier or company are likes The Shilla Hotel, Lotte Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Bulgogi Brothers and others. They want help customer to be in touch with Korea’s branded restaurant while getting cheaper price using the coupon provided by Restaurant N’Joy. Customer can easily get in touch with Restaurant N’Joy through website and mobile application. Mobile application can be downloaded through Play Store and Apple Store. Since nowadays everyone can get easily access into internet network thus it help for those who want to have a lunch or dinner to
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Besides, it also discover the opportunities and threat in the external environment of the company. Restaurant N’Joy strength that could be seen is they have many suppliers that joint venture in the business with them. Most of the suppliers are first class or high prestigious restaurants and hotel which could lead a big profit for them. Another strength is Restaurant N’Joy provides coupon and discount to help customer to get cheaper price. This lead customer to use their platform as marketing communication with

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