Swot Analysis Of Vietnam And Grupo Lala

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Vinamilk in Vietnam and Grupo LALA in Mexico are both market leaders in the dairy industries of their respective countries. After thriving in the domestic market, Vinamilk’s strategic plans have shifted to focus mainly on expansion as it strives to become one of the worlds’ 50 largest dairy companies. (Vinamilk 2014) On the other hand, Grupo Lala’s main growth strategies are centered on innovation and new product development; as specialized diary products continue to garner larger market share in Mexico, the company has focused on launching new products and expanding their existing product lines. Vietnam Dairy Products was founded in 1976 as a state-owned company that grew to become the leading nutrition group in the country (Vinamilk 2014). It currently holds 48% of the milk market shares in the Vietnam and it exports part of its products to 30 different markets. . It is also expanding its production into Cambodia, tapping into the escalated demand for dairy products of the emergent Southeast Asian middle class and expecting to double its revenues by 2017. Grupo LALA was established in 1950 in Torreon, Mexico and it is the only dairy company that actually operates nationwide. The enterprise consists of 18 production plants and 165 distribution centers both in Mexico and Central America. LALA has also been named one of Mexico’s top five consumer brands. Economic Environment Vietnam and Mexico have very different economic structures. Mexico’s economy is significantly
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