Swot Analysis Of Cherry Lady Company

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Analysis of Cherry Lady Company
Cherry Lady Company that is under Alicia Gans’ management produces premium chocolate. The organization is torn between having Epicurean Selections as the main customer and pursuing other new opportunities that are discovered in the sector. However, accepting Epicurean Selections as the key client would alter the business drastically. Therefore, there are key options that the firm has to pursue in order to make an effective decision
Analysis of The Cherry Lady chocolate industry
SWOT Analysis
-Consumer loyalty given the product taste and quality
-High Revenue and profit margins
-The product (premium chocolate) is of high quality with distinct varieties Weaknesses
-Inadequate sales force
-The production
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For instance, there exists market for Novelty Candies and Private Label Candies. Equally, the availability of partnership, Franchising and Licensing can be of great help to The Cherry Lady Company which is still expanding

- Intense competition from various companies such as Lindt, Joseph Schmidt, Neuhaus, Godiva and other numerous but smaller European and domestic specialty companies
-No barrier to entry because it is very easy for new firms to enter into the business of producing premium chocolates
-The Demand for premium chocolates continues to fluctuate
-Consumer traffic

The Cherry Lady Competitor Analysis using Porters Five Model
The Cherry Lady falls under the premium chocolate industry. Thus, the porter’s model can be utilized by The Cherry Lady as a framework to structure and analyze its industry. According to the Model, the premium chocolate industry can be impacted by five distinct forces such as rivalry among existing firms in the industry, threats from substitutes, bargaining power of buyers, threats of new entrants, and bargaining power of
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