Swot Analysis Table. Strengthsweaknesses. •Quality Teachers

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SWOT ANALYSIS TABLE Strengths Weaknesses • Quality teachers and school leaders • High expectations for students • Teacher motivation • Rigorous teaching • Strong relationship with central office • Flexible • Anticipating and preparing for future challenges • Technology • Communication • Parental involvement • Achievement gaps among student sub-groups. • Lack of instructional programs beyond the academic opportunities for non‐college bound students • Reading and math scores needs improvement Opportunities Threats • Availability of timely assessment data for teacher use. • Quality instruction through standards‐based classrooms. • Diverse community • Lack of state and local funding for school and district operations. • Businesses Closed •…show more content…
Employees have expressed understanding of the mission of the school and are involved in the school and how it should operate. Weakness Assessment Communications and Parental Involvement Communication problems were expressed by stakeholders as an area of weakness at the school. Internal communications gaps are impacting trust. External stakeholders were not made aware of opportunities to engage or volunteer at the school or what is going on at the school. Parental involvement is somewhat scarce due to age, inconvenient times for meetings, and parents are not having access to childcare while parents are attending the meeting and school functions. Opportunities Assessment Diversity of Entering Students The school has a diverse student campus which has changed over the last 5 to 10 years. The school serves a more racial and ethnically diverse student body. Whereas the school consisted of Blacks and Caucasians, an influx of Hispanics and other ethnic groups are now enrolled. Data-Informed Success Since the school’s needs focus on its data, the data itself is readily available for stakeholders on the school’s website, in the school’s media center, and in the central office. Stakeholders are well informed about the state of the school. Threats Assessments State Funding and other Threats The State of Alabama is facing major reductions due to budget deficits (AL State School Foundation program, 2014). Our school must accept

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