Swot Analysis : Tesco Plc

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According to Research methodology (2015), Tesco are one of the biggest superstores chains in the United Kingdom, for the financial sales their group sales reached up to 72 billion pounds of which the growth has increased to up 7.4 per cent in comparison to the annual and financial report of 2012.


As said by Datamonitor (2010), One of Tesco’s strengths is, the company has been positioned the third biggest grocery company globally, they operate in over 4,331 stores within the United States, Asia and Europe. As stated by (Euro monitor, 2010) in the United Kingdom Tesco sustained 30.7 per cent share in the grocery retail market.

Throughout the years, the company also has had a great financial …show more content…

This means that if Tesco increases their international presence, it could help the company in creating their economy scale. As said by (Guardian, 2010) Tesco is a popular, fast and developing company of which in 2010, has accounted for over 1 million customers. This has made more

opportunity for the company and has made it more appealing to new customers and as a result made more profit for the company.


Despite Tesco being in lead in the grocery market, the company has been in strong competition in the sector for fifteen years as said by (Mintel,2010). The company encounters extreme competition from their competitors who are advancing in the market share.

Benefits: ITS Integration.

Tesco was the first to launch a Club card system. It was introduced in 1995 and has become the most popular card in the United Kingdom, with aroundl3 million active Club card holders. Customers collect one Club card point by every £1 (€1 in Ireland) they spend in a Tesco store, Tesco Petrol, or at

In 2001, then-(CEO, John Browett, received the Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Award for the innovative processes he used to support this online food service. 'Today, Tesco operates the world 's largest food home shopping services well as provides consumer goods, telecommunication and financial services online. As of November 2006, Tesco was the only food retailer to make online shopping profitable.


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