Swot Analysis for Bank of America Essay

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In the SWOT analysis for Bank of America one I performed a SWOT analysis for the Bank of America. I assumed the role of a mutual fund manager work for First Investment Inc Investment Inc. With the information I gathered in part one of my paper I made the decision to invest in Bank of America. In part two of these papers I will further explain why I chose to invest in Bank of America. This paper will address the financial health of Bank of America by reviewing the banks income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow (MGT/521 course syllabus). I will also analyze Bank of America’s financial health and compare it against another bank. After I do the comparison I will compare Bank of America technological advantages, or address any…show more content…
Clearly Kenneth Lewis did do his homework on Countrywide Financial. Kenneth Lewis knew the financial state of Countrywide Financial and failed to relay the messages to the other stakeholder in the company.

If I were put in the same situation as Kenneth Lewis I would hire someone who is knowledgeable on how to conduct a SWOT on a business before a purchase. I would share the outcome of the SWOT with the stakeholders and I would hire someone to do a background and market analysis on Countrywide Financial. “The reason the stock is tanking is because the market does not believe Bank of America's assets are worth what they say they are worth” (Henry Blodget 2011). First Investment Inc believes that the main reason is Bank of America’s failed to do the proper outlook investment analyses.

Bank of America’s management should have conducted future analyses on where the business is today and where what the future holds. The managers at Bank of America should review the banks financial situation. Bank of America should have first looked at what their competitors were doing and the state of the economy. Bank of America should have should have taken the time to analyze the mortgage and real estate brokers, by not analyze the mortgage and real estate brokers people purchase property that they couldn’t afford. The price of houses declined in 2006 this caused the houses that were
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