Swot Analysis of Ryanair

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2. Procedure
The research for this report, which is focused on a S.W.A.T. analysis on Ryanair, was fully based on internet web sites. For full information, refer to the bibliography at the end of he report.

3. Findings
3.1 Strengths
a. Leadership in the low-cost sector
• “Ryanair was Europe’s original low fares airline and is still Europe’s largest low fares carrier. Currently the company carries over 35m. passengers on 325 low fare routes across 21 European countries”( Ryanair).
As a matter of fact Ryanair is currently the largest low-cost company on the market with 12 European bases, a fleet of over 250 aircrafts and more than 2700 employees.
Moreover the company provides frequent point-to-point services which allows them to avoid
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In addition the company is now recruiting its cabin crew in Poland and in Latvia in order to cut further down its costs, the fact is that people spend enormous amounts of money(for their standards) for a English course provided from the company in order to get a chance to get hired, which represents not only a bad image but also a bad advertisement for Ryanair.
In general the whole staff is working under big pressure set by an overhead person and most commonly with feelings of unsatisfaction.

b. Low quality services and attitudes towards customers

b.1. Disabled people
• “Bob Ross successfully sued 'Britain's favourite airline' on January 30. Ross has stamina problems as a result of having cerebral palsy and was charged 18 pounds by Ryanair for the use of a wheelchair through the concourse of Stansted Airport. Other airlines absorb this cost but Ryanair have been making disabled people pay extra” (BBC).
This example successfully shows how the company does not take care of all its customers in the way it should be done, therefore this case was brought to court since it was found unacceptable the fact that a disabled person had to pay for the transportation through the airport, which normally it is a cost that is absorbed by the company. Unfortunately this is not their only case, in fact it has happened that Ryanair had to unload from the

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