Sylvania Campus Buildings

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The purpose of this project is to survey the Sylvania Campus’s buildings and to briefly provide some major solutions.
The Sylvania Campus was opened in 1968, southwest Portland between Tigard and Lake Oswego. It is the oldest and the largest of the Portland Community College Campuses. According to, each year the campus receives 30,049 students, it has 10 buildings that provides many different features and programs. For example, a fitness place includes a swimming pool “MakerSpace” for students to create anything their minds envision, and an art theater. Figure 1
Obviously, located in the city of Portland, Oregon, the Sylvania campus shares the same geographic region and conditions as Portland. Therefore, the Cascadia Subduction …show more content…

In case of an emergency, the Sylvania campus’s buildings won’t be exempted in the list. They will be also among all the buildings in the Portland areas to fight or resist the earthquakes. So, this campus should be built in the way to stand strong against anything, and the materials used in the construction of the site are the key players of this game.
According to oregongeology, most earthquakes in Oregon are small in size, but many can produce significant damage at a local level. And they reported that several swarms of small earthquakes had happened in the last few years in eastern Oregon.
Recently, “Oregon scientists are warning that the state is due for a mega-earthquake that would cut off parts of the state for five years and stop power from flowing in the rest of the state for months”, the OffTheGridNews. And the earthquake can destroys or damaged buildings, thousands of houses, and facilities.
Through our survey, we will find out which construction materials have been used at the Sylvania campus, and if it will able to resist or stand against any natural disasters.
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4.0 Rehabilitation and Construction
We will request to Portland Community College to pursue a strong rehabilitation of Sylvania campus, because it presents a danger for our community in case of an emergency. PCC authorities should consider this fact and take it seriously. Therefore, the rehabilitation of those buildings would be a wonderful idea and will make Sylvania campus a safe place.
The reconstruction will be about replacing half of the concrete used by the materials we proposed.
5.0 Conclusion
In conclusion, this was the survey that has been done at Sylvania Campus’s buildings by the Makasi Construction. Sylvania is a beautiful campus that received many college students, but its structures present a danger in case of an earthquake. The excessive used of concrete in construction makes them fragile and easy to collapse in case of an emergency. Therefore, materials like woods and bricks will help Portland Community College to rehabilitate its buildings for a safe and better place to

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