Sylvia Plath Essay Lady Lazarus

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__Lady Lazarus__

Sylvia Plath’s Lady Lazarus is an incredible metaphor of rebirth; the whole idea of a new life from death. Plath throughout her life was suicidal and many of her most famous works revolve around the ideas of death being a new beginning and a way of escaping enslavement from many various factors that bind us to life. There is nothing different about this poem from all of Plath’s other works. She as always represents her life troubles through a worldly event in this case the Holocaust.
This poem is also focused around the biblical story of Lazarus. Lazarus lived with his two sisters, Mary and Martha, in Bethany. Lazarus became ill and his sisters prayed to Jesus to save him. By the time Jesus came to save Lazarus he had
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The next three stanzas refer back to the biblical story of Lazarus. She depicts a woman with disgusting features. This goes back to the lost faith of Martha and how she exclaimed that Lazarus would have been long been decaying and death upon him even if Jesus brought him back. Then, the next two stanzas refer to the holocaust. She says “I have nine times to die” meaning the holocaust survivors, mainly referring to women, go through a lot and literally die more than once and always seem to come back stronger.
The next few stanzas also refer to the Holocaust and the persecution of the Jewish peoples. “They unwrap me hand and foot…” refers to after the Jewish people were captured and how everything they had was taken, and also to how vulnerable Plath was feeling. This indicates the beginning of her rebirth. Followed in the next three stanzas also refer to her transformation, stating that she was the same woman after every rebirth.
The next six stanzas describe the wonder and beauty of death. Plath states that death is an art, which she happens to do well, adding to the inference that she achieves rebirth through suicide. She begins to prove to the reader as well as herself that death is the only real thing and the only way to live. This ties into the Holocaust metaphor because those Jewish survivors lived a better stronger life after they lived through that death. It also ties into the biblical reference because it was only after the death of Lazarus that his sisters
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