Symbolic Interaction Theory : The Looking Glass Self And Romantic Relationships

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Symbolic Interaction is a sociological perspective that has influenced numerous areas in the sociological field. This perspective relies on the symbolic meaning that societies create and develop through social interaction with others. Symbolic interaction theory has greatly impacted our world. This theory helps one understand how individuals shape their own reality and create norms. This essay focuses on the symbolic interaction theory through the looking-glass-self and romantic relationships. Symbolic Interactionism focuses on face-to-face communication. It is also micro-level theory; meaning this theory covers very specific relationships between individuals or small groups. Micro level theories are more distinct then other perspectives. Micro theories are more scientifically testable. Symbolic Interactionism researchers are dependent on context and qualitative research methods such as interviews. (OpenStaxCollegeChap1). Social researchers who apply symbolic-interactionist thinking examine for patterns of relationships between entities. Researchers believe that individual’s rely on things such as dialogs, thoughts, ideas, symbols, and language to shape their own reality and social norm (OpenStaxCollegChap1).Understanding symbolic interaction theory helps one gain meaning and understanding of his or her experiences in life, not only their own life, but others as well .” This viewpoint sees people as active in shaping their world, rather than as entities who are acted upon

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