Examples Of Symbolic Interactionism Of Marijuana

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Marijuana is a very well-known and commonly used drug. Yet, there are many different attitudes and meanings attached to it. So why is there such a variation in people’s attitudes towards marijuana. This can be explained and understood by using the symbolic interactionism theory. Marijuana is a very controversial topic among Americans and much research has been done regarding it. The Pew Research Center has gathered information on the opinions Americans have towards the legalization of marijuana. The data shows what percentage of Americans think it should be legal or not. There is also data on reasons why they have their opinions and meanings toward marijuana. This data helps to further understand and apply this theory to the use of marijuana.
Symbolic interactionism perspective is a theory that is used to study social life. To do this, this theory relies on studying and observing the interactions among people and how they form meanings to things from those interactions. Although, there is much more to this theory than that. Blumer, the man who invented the term symbolic interactionism, presented three premises which help to understand this theory. The first one is, people act a certain way towards things depending on their meaning for that thing. The second premise is that we get meanings from social interaction, so we are taught meanings or we witness them from others. Lastly, the third premise is that meanings are able to change because people have the mental capacity to

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