Symbolic Interactionist Perspective From A Brief Review Of The Interaction Chain Ritual Theory

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Everyday individuals wake up and go about activities that are geared toward the accomplishment goals. The drive to achieve these goals is guided by a motivation that hopes for a certain outcome; ultimately the outcome hoped for goes beyond the completion of the task and strives either to attain some form of satisfaction or comfort or to remove some form of dissatisfaction or discomfort. On a basic level, waking up from a slumber that lasted several hours and feeding ourselves serves to sustain life and possibly alleviate the physical discomfort of hunger. Beyond a task needed for basic survival there continues to be a desire to achieve. This desire serves to attain a sense of self and a sense of belonging and ultimately involves interactions with others. This paper will evolve from a brief discussion about the symbolic interactionist perspective to a brief review of the interaction chain ritual theory. There have been many aspects of the human being that have been examined and many theories proposed to explain how we develop and why one person can be satisfied with a certain task and the other not. Symbolic interaction is one theory that strives to provide an explanation to our development. Simply put, this theory states that there is a link between the individual and social interactions. Through our interactions we develop a sense of self and knowledge about others and the world around us. Interactions give our lives meaning and this meaning guides our behavior

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