Symbolism In The Tipping Point

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How big is the world? Some might ponder and the answer is, not as big as it seems. The world isn’t a scary, huge and untouchable place, as it is perceived to be. In reality, the universe is just a blank canvas filled with unique and mesmerizing people. That shapes our world into what it has become. The world would never be what it is without the people living on it. In the Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell explains the theory of the world and how it seems to be and control everything. Although, it’s the people in the world that make a difference. However people don’t believe they can change and make a difference in the world, but they can. Everyone has the power to change the world and shape their lives and others. Therefore it's up to them to decide if it will be for good or evil. In The Tipping point, Malcolm Gladwell uses the motif of how little things can make a big difference, for example, hush puppies. This motif signifies how the slightest movement in just the right place can change the world completely. We all have the power, but it can just take one to change the world.
Malcolm Gladwell describes how the world may seem immovable and implacable, but with even the slightest push in just the right place, it can be tipped. This quote is extremely visual and accurate, it keeps the writing thinking, even questioning their own thoughts. Saying, Is this true? Can really one person make a big difference?. Even if you think you can’t change the world, you’re

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