The Tipping Point Book Review

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The Tipping Point Book Review Introduction This book report discusses the best seller nonfiction book, “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell. This book is an interesting read to understand the science of epidemics in all areas of life. The author various examples to elaborates as to how small actions at the right time, in the right and with the right people can create a tipping point for a product/service. For instance, Hush Puppies ‘tipped’ in 1993, when a few fashion-forward hipsters from Soho New York started wearing the failing brand again. A chain reaction was triggered through this small event, which cascaded though the US increasing sales and creating a word of mouth epidemic. Gladwell explains three point plan of how any brand…show more content…
• Salesmen are the third type of opinion leaders who influence people with their power of persuasion. They are naturally charismatic in nature and often found in the sales jobs. The second law is called “the stickiness factor” and talks about the way an epidemic spreads due to the product being naturally infectious or sticky in nature. A television show is sticky when we don’t want to switch to a different program. Gladwell uses the many examples to show how small tweaks to increase relevance, talk-ability and memorability can have a massive effect on success of a brand. Throughout this section he emphasizes that the any product or service should be sticky for the target audience to adapt, it leading to an impact on sales. Lastly, he discusses the last law called “the power of context”, which explains that the spread of an epidemic will depend on the right kind of context. Products or ideas that have a strong context, have the ability to spread fast and wide. Gladwell discusses the instance an example to show the impact of context in New York few decades back. The crime rate in New York subway was halted by removing the graffiti from the trains and clamping down on fare dodging. This changed the context and had an effect on the way people behaved. This kind of power of context helps the marketers with an effective way of developing their product strategy. Consumers are highly susceptible to get influenced at the time of
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