Symptoms And Diagnosis Of A Dental Patient

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I 've suffered from Bipolar Disorder most of my life. Admittedly it 's a condition most people don 't know much about. I 've felt for the longest time that dentists need some sort of background in mental disorders. Because of that, I decided to write this article, from the viewpoint of a dental patient. Going to my new dentist, I had to provide a background medical information sheet. Several illnesses were missing, so in the other section I had to write 'Bipolar Disorder. ' I was skeptical, and slightly worried as to what was the point of admitting my disorder, but did anyway. It wasn 't long before I discovered that I did the right thing by sharing, but unfortunately, my dentist had no understanding. Approximately ten minutes into my …show more content…

I would. I had submitted this article to The Journal of the American Dental Association but because I am not a dentist, they refused publication, clearly missing the seriousness of this issue. Added to that, the rejection notice from the editor of Yahoo Voice said this: "We do not pay for op-ed content on topics that are well-covered, general in nature or news-related (which has too short of a shelf-life)." They too missed the point of this important issue as it 's clearly not well covered or it wouldn 't be a mass problem with dentists lacking the care for Bipolar patients. If you too suffer from Bipolar Disorder be sure to spread the word, maybe someday, someone will hear us. One of the products I have been using a few times a week to help whiten my teeth is the Arm and Hammer Dental Care Whitening Booster. So far, it has been gentle on my teeth and gums without stinging or burning and has not causes my teeth to become sensitive. I have to say I have been very impressed with this tooth-whitening product and will continue to use it to keep my teeth white. The Arm and Hammer Dental Care Whitening Booster comes in an easy to squeeze tube that contains two and half ounces of whitening gel. The gel is clear colored with very little taste, but is thick in texture. The ingredients in the tooth whitening gel are glycerin, hydrogen peroxide, phosphoric acid, water, poloxamer and dicalcium phosphate. The main ingredient in this gel that

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