Symptoms And Symptoms Of Autism Essay

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Introduction Autism is very frustrating when compared to a lot of diseases for the simple fact that it is so confounding as far as its appearance. As a neurological disease, there are so many different kinds of it, and there is so much that goes into the arrival of the disease. Some forms of autism feature sufferers that have an innate talent for a given skill, and others simply act as if they’re comatose. Among all afflictions that exist, few are as frustrating as autism. There are varying forms of the neurological disease, with each individual variation there are respective differences. There are forms of autism where a sufferer has higher mental capacity, whereas others may possess an innate expertise with arithmetic. Aside from just autism, symptoms caused by Asperger’s syndrome are also very common, as it 's a neurological disorder that creates a lot of the same problems. While there are times where the person can have a lot of great traits, other times, they act like a little kid. Autism is very similar in a lot of ways to someone cognitively being stuck in a child’s mind while the rest of the body continues to mature. Aside from the mental and neurological issues, there are other physical deformities and manifestations of the disease that can also arise.

In our body, the most integral part that controls virtually everything is the brain. Because this part of the body is so critical, it goes through a lot of physical and developmental changes as life goes

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