Symptoms And Treatment Of Depression

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Severe depression can have a devastating effects on not only individuals, but also on their families and communities. Depressive disorders when severe or prolonged enough can cause some patients to seek to harm themselves, or worse; to seek to end their lives. While over the last century there have been significant strides in the treatment of depression, there still is much work to be done. May medication that treat depression take a long time for patient to reach therapeutic dosages, mean that patients often have to wait weeks on longer for their symptoms to improve. Because of the significant time for these medication to begin to cause patients depression to enter remission, there is a critical time frame in which patients need help or …show more content…

This research is needed because of the dangers that depressive disorders and other mental illnesses pose to patients. Kudlow, McIntyre and Lam, (2014) state the patients with major depressive disorder often do not respond to their first antidepressant medication and may clinicians may wait to change medications for up to eight weeks in order to assess for delayed effect. This significant amount of time required for traditional medications to cause a response may be putting patients at risk and ketamine may provide more effective short term response and remission; buying patients time for traditional medications to work.
Peer reviewed academic articles that studied the effects and suitability of ketamine were used to determine the hypothesis of this study. The research included in this study only included adult patients with depressive disorders. Individual studies range in their inclusion criteria for patients, with some excluding patients with specific comorbid mental diseases. For instance, Lee, Della Selva, Liu and Himelhoch (2015) excluded participates that were undergoing electroshock therapy, this study will include research with a variety of patient exclusion in the hopes to widen the depth of depressive spectrum disorders. These research articles were gather from the Grand Canyon University library databases as well as data bases, with criteria limited to peer viewed academic

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