Symptoms And Treatment Of Sepsis

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Sepsis is a common cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide and the tenth leading cause of death. The mortality rate of sepsis exceeds myocardial infarction, cardiovascular disease, and trauma by 20-50%. However once the disease reaches septic shock the mortality rate increases to 50-80% and will continue to rise if antibiotics aren’t administered. Sepsis costs 24 billion dollars a year to treat and one of the most costly diseases to cure. I was very interested in spreading the awareness of the infection by explaining ways to survive sepsis as well as early recognition to prevent the mortality rate from rising. Since my future will consist of me working in a clinical environment, I wanted to understand why this disease cost …show more content…

This can lead adverse events such as organ failure, tissue damage, blood clotting, and/or death. While sepsis is the body’s inflammatory response to the bacterial infection, septicemia is the actual infection itself and therefore commonly referred to as poison of the blood. Therefore, septicemia leads to sepsis and if it’s not treated can lead to severe sepsis and ultimately to septic shock, which can be fatal. Some of the signs and symptoms of the infection can lead to conditions such as fever that can be acquainted with chills and/or shivering, fast heart rate, rapid rate of breathing (tachypnea) and also unusual amounts of sweating. If the symptoms reach a later stage of the infection such as severe sepsis or septic shock, conditions such as dizziness or faintness, confusion, and or slurred speech are urgent and anyone suffering should seek medical help (Torrey, 2017).

Sepsis is the immune response to the body’s defense against the infection. The disease is commonly caused by bacterial infections but can also be caused by other factors and usually begins in the lungs, abdomen, or urinary tract. The virus can be spread anywhere in the body as well as enter anywhere in the body with incidents as minor as scraping your knee or nicking yourself with a bad razor. Since sepsis is so common, the risk of getting the infection is greater when people

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