Synaptic Plasticity And Memory Essay

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We sincerely thank the reviewers for recognizing the innovation and novelty in our proposal and the significance of the proposed research in understanding the role of lncRNAs in synaptic plasticity and memory consolidation. We are excited that only minor weaknesses were pointed out by Reviewers 2 and 3 and that there were no major criticisms by all three reviewers on this revised R21 application. Because we know very little about lncRNAs and their function in synaptic plasticity and memory consolidation, our studies will bring novel insights into the role of lncRNAs in the mammalian brain. Importantly, our systematic dissection of the function of lncRNAs in sub-regions of the hippocampus will have a major impact in our understanding of synaptic plasticity and memory storage as well as on mechanisms of drug addiction. We are particularly thankful to the comments from Reviewer 1..” The study is motivated by the idea that some lncRNAs might be transcribed in the hippocampus to promote formation of fear memories, and thus that pharmacological manipulation of learning-induced levels of these lncRNAs might provide a novel approach to preventing consolidation of traumatic memories such as those associated with PTSD. The project idea is innovative …show more content…

There is no mentioning alternative and more sensitive test (Reviewer 2). The reviewer commented that we might miss mild effects of lncRNAs in plasticity and memory storage. Mild effects of lncRNA expression changes will be difficult to dissect in vivo. Given that lncRNAs are critical mediators of transcription and translation, the two key processes that regulate long-term synaptic plasticity, we are confident that we will be able to identify lncRNAs that are critical for synaptic plasticity and memory. We are certainly interested in the mild effects of lncRNAs, but during the two-year funding of this project, we sought to identify and characterize lncRNAs that are necessary for synaptic plasticity and memory

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