Synopsis Of A Interview Project

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Interprofessional Interview Project
The purpose of this project was to enable the learner to differentiate roles, responsibilities, scope of practice, licensure, certification, education, of a non-nurse professional healthcare provider through a semi-structured interview and observation experience. This experience enables the observer to engage in a simplified qualitative nursing research process as field notes were utilized to support in the analysis of both the interview and the observation.
Examining the following terms will further benefit the learner: interprofessional education, interdisciplinary team, and multidisciplinary team. Per the World Health Organization (WHO) (2010, p. 22), interprofessional education has a benefit to …show more content…

AP communicated well during her introduction of herself and explaining her role in the process.
AP is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCS) who is employed by Baylor Scott & White at All Saints (BSW-AS). There are two levels of social workers, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. A person with a bachelor’s degree and passed a licensure exam is a Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker (LBSW). However, for a person a working at BSW-AS as a social worker, the employee must hold master’s degree. Accordingly, AP is an LCSW which is the most advanced certification a social worker can hold. It is a mastered prepared social worker whereby having the clinical hours and experience to work in private practice. LCSW is a licensure through the Texas State Board of Social Worker where the documentation gives a legal guarantee that the social worker is in good standing with the regulatory board.
The social worker must pass a competency exam administered by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB). Consequently, the importance of the licensure proves that the social worker is competent to practice and is ready to provide safe and ethical care. Every two years, thirty continuing education hours in social work must be earned, six of which are of professional ethics and social work values. An LCSW has the knowledge, theory, and advanced clinical practice of applying therapy and counseling sessions for treatment of children through adults for various mental,

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