Synopsis Of Panera 's A Fairly Newfangled Restaurant Segment

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Randall Lewis Professor Doucette MGMT 479 07 November 2016 Synopsis Panera is said to be the benchmark of a relatively newfangled restaurant segment titled fast casual. Nevertheless, the effective origin of this unbeatable amalgamation of organizations and concepts humbly embarked on the scene way back in the mid 1970’s, as an oven manufacturing firm’s demonstration bakery (Wheelen 16-2). The French-based brand-name of Panera’s elder: Au Bon Pain, translates to ‘where good bread is;’ and as it turned out, this tucked away industrial R&D implement was just too good to keep a secret. Hence, throughout the next few years, the fledgling concept-eatery tried its luck with a multitude of Boston area locations; and then in 1981, a young Ronald Shaich, owner of Boston’s new Cookie Jar Bakery got together with Au Bon Pain’s, Louis Kane, and merged the two companies together as the Au Bon Pain Co. Shaich and Kane ran the enterprise, together, until Kane’s retirement in 1996 (Wheelen 16-2). A pivotal breakthrough transpired in 1985, when they began observing that their customers were buying the company’s bread and commencing to construct their own sandwiches (Wheelen 16-2). Sandwiches were then swiftly added to the regular menu, at the bakery chain, spawning a novel conception in the restaurant experience – landing squarely “between fast food and fine dining” (Wheelen 16-2). Shaich and Kane differentiated Au Bon Pain, putting forth a wholly unconventional

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