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MANAGE INNOVATION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT ASSESSMENT TASK 2: DEVELOP OPTIONS FOR CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT UNIT CODE: BSBMGT6O8C name- prakash panchal student id - std01850 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This document is a detailed assessment under project Manage Innovation And Continuous Improvement Task1 i.e. ‘Develop options for continuous Improvement” through which the researcher needs to demonstrate their capabilities essential for analyzing an existing case study present in the text book in which the main target is the Innovation and improvement. All minute specifications and details about the strategies and enhancing polices are discussed under this literature review. Concluding with the suggestions and…show more content…
And, in the case of the Gilbert Company, his timing could not have been worse. In the case of the A. C. Gilbert Company, a combination of six succession factors caused its demise: Egocentrism, paternalism, a lack of succession planning, differentiation, life stage incompatibility, and plateau. Reviewing the performance of an organization is also an important step when formulating the direction of the strategic activities. It is important to know where the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation lie, and as part of the ‘Plan –Do – Check – Act’ cycle, measurement plays a key role in quality and productivity improvement activities. The main reasons it is needed are: • To ensure customer requirements have been met • To be able to set sensible objectives and comply with them • To provide standards for establishing comparisons • To provide visibility and a “scoreboard” for people to monitor their own performance level • To highlight quality problems and determine areas for priority attention • To provide feedback for driving the improvement effort The balanced scorecard approach How do customers see us? A scorecard has several measurement perspectives, with the original scorecard having financial, customer, internal business and innovation and learning perspectives. Balanced scorecards are normally a key output from the strategy formulation process. The key goals that are identified as being critical to the success of the business,

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