Tablets: Ultimate Buying Machines Essay

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Dana Mattioli authored Tablets: Ultimate Buying Machines in a published article of September 28, 2011. The article describes the new purchasing relationship between tablet owners and their shopping habits. This relationship, spotlighted by retailers, portrays tablet owners as high impact shoppers, placing large and expensive orders via online order sites.
The main characters in this article include various tablet owners, portrayed as more affluent than typical shoppers with an average larger orders. Alongside them are retailers, such as Macy’s Inc., Abercrombie & Fitch Co., Gap Inc., QVC, and Sephora, which are changing their retail strategies to respond to the growing tablet trend. Some retailers have aligned with Google Inc. …show more content…

The article mentions different ideas online retailers can pursue to increase purchases by tablet users, such as specialized sites, tablet catalog enhancements, etc. Additional ideas may include shopping via Facebook where online retailers can allow tablet users to access their catalog via an online Facebook friend link; finger print recognition software that could link a chain of commands to one finger touch command, such as a buy command that will generate payment, delivery, and confirmation chain of purchase; swipe feature that will allow consumers to swipe a credit or debit card against the screen to complete a purchase; chat feature that will simplify contacting customer service to answer questions before purchase; chain of purchase where complementary products can be purchased simultaneously with the initial product; or finger touch recognition protection feature that will ease consumers’ security discomfort of online purchases.
Tablet purchases are similar to the purchase of digital textbooks by students. With the recent expansion and convenience of the Kindle, Nook, iPad, PocketReader, and similar E-book readers, more students have begun purchasing their textbooks via online versions and using them in their classes. The purchase of online textbooks, like other online purchases, can benefit from the tablets experience. Tablets provide the convenience of smart access, powerful screens,

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