Theories And Aspects Of A Place At Festival Foods And Capitol Centre Market

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After conducting both parts of the data collection, we have noticed what theories and aspects of the store helps customers to become satisfied during their trip. The atmosphere of the store which is set through lighting, texture, and music played a significant role in customer’s experience. As mentioned previously in the report, the atmosphere of a store is important to how consumers will interact with products and make decisions within the store. The atmosphere at Festival Foods and Capitol Centre Market were very different. Festival Foods was more open and natural lighting was prominent. On the other hand, Capitol Centre Market was overall more enclosed with very little to no natural lighting. Most people we interviewed from Festival …show more content…

The grid organization of both grocery stores helped people easily find what they needed while encouraging people to buy more items. The signage is also another factor that influence customers wayfinding and shopping satisfaction. Festival food particularly had very good signage. Each different districts of the grocery store was well marked and each aisle was numbered and had overhanging signs with the type of items that were in each aisle. Similarly, Capitol Centre Market’s aisle were also labeled, however, the signage was minimal can make it difficult to find the product people needs. The minimal signage, according to the customers we interviewed, was compensated by the fact that their employees were helpful and knowledgeable about where things are. It is also important to keep in mind that Festival Foods is a significantly larger grocery store than Capitol Centre Market so the signage for the two different stores varied. Overall, most of the interviewees were easily able to find the items they needed with the help of signs, organization, and employees.
The theory of Gibson’s Affordances, a concept that refers to the idea that certain surfaces, substances or layouts will elicit specific behavioral responses in people (Gifford, 2014, p. 30) is also apparent and extremely relevant. For example, Festival Foods has tall vertical aisles in a store which encourages customers to proceeds to walk through them because

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