Taiwan' s Tourism Industry

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1. INTRODUCTION Taiwan is one of the beautiful islands located towards the Southeastern of china ( Stephen, 1999). It has a roughly population of more than 22 million people therefore, one of the most densely populated regions known in the world. Besides having the high population, its environment is considere to be natural and green, as from a distance several mountains are seen with lush forests. It has very beautiful scenic sites and high number of national parks. Initially, Taiwan was populated with indigenous tribes but presently, only a small portion of the tribes can be traced as more than 97% of the people are Han Chinese. Of this, the Taiwanese outnumber the mainlanders whose families fled from the mainland due to…show more content…
For example, the European member stete foreigners can enter Taiwan Visa-free using valid passports. This has really made it easier for tourists to come in and out of Taiwan without necessarily scrambling for a Visa which sometimes could take a long time to be processed (Theobald & William, 1998). Lastly, Taiwan has surprisingly, overstepped other markets due to advancements in safety precautions and support offered to foreigners. On the other hand, regulations are high to ensure securith of both the local and foreign citizens. Co-existence, harmony and acceptance of Taiwan citizens to all other tribes ahs made it a global destination place where every individyual is treated equal and of similar importance to growth of the state. Currently, the government is working towards improving forign partnership. This is aimed at initiating foreigners whether poor or rich, to come into their country and focus their lives by permanently establshing their structures and carrying out businesses. A great question one might ask is, with the swelling population, will Taiwan comfortably accommodate the people in terms of resources, space and security? This is an issue to be looked at to ensure the tourism space is not affected (Yates & Stephen, 199). To embrace an advanced and tolerable future tourism field, Taiwan is greatly concerned in environmental sustainablity, natural resources management and tourism infrustructure. The three from a foundation to ensure Taiwan tops in tourism. I
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