Taking Junk Food And Junk Food In Schools

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Obviously childhood obesity is something that needs to be handled. What they are doing to stop it is in question. The solution was to take junk food out of schools. That is a acceptable idea, but it is not the best. Junk foods should not be taken out of schools because, schools only represent a slight portion of childhood obesity problems, junk food in vending machines brings in a great deal of revenue, and television is the biggest contributor to childhood obesity. Schools only represent a slight portion of the childhood obesity issue. Radford said “They can can food at home, they can get food in their neighborhoods, and they can go across the street from the school to buy food” (Radford 7). School is not the only place children can obtain junk food even if that is where the majority of their time is spent Monday through Friday. Another reason why schools only represent a slight portion is because “there really isn't a lot of opportunity for children to eat while they're in school, or at least eat endlessly, compared to when they're at home” said (Radford 7). When kids are at home throughout the week, including weekends they have as much time as they want to eat whatever they want. Unlike in school where they can only eat during designated times.Kids can not only eat at the school, but they can bring in lunch from home. Thompson says “reimbursement was not enough to offset losses from students who began avoiding the lunch line and bringing food from home or, in some cases,

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