Taking a Look at Beauty Pageants

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Throughout history, the world has formed its own ideas of what women should look like. If a woman does not meet the criteria of beauty then she is seen as less important than others. Beauty pageants encourage people to rate women based on superficial standards. All over the world, people begin to acquire faulty ideas of what women should strive to be like. Pageants in general highlight appearances as an important factor of character, while lowering the self esteem of girls and forcing them to try and put a mask over their flaws.
Beauty pageants center their focus on a female’s outward appearance. In children’s pageants, they strictly critique beauty. These critiques are damaging in a young girl’s development of self-esteem because it embeds this idea that beauty is all that matters in the world. Women, on the other hand, partake in pageants that involve talent and personal questioning. A woman could be beautiful and an amazing athlete, but she would not be able to enter the pageant because she would not have a talent that could be preformed on stage. In addition, there are women who embody the characteristics and talents to set them apart from most other women, but they may not be as physically beautiful as others. Pageants try to force the idea that the perfect woman is smart, can do some sort of frivolous talent, and, most importantly, beautiful. This does not mean that these woman are any better than others, it just highlights the fact that they have good genes and have

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