Taking a Look at Breast Cancer

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In the Fall of 2011, Tina noticed that Elaine’s blouse was damp so she asked her sister what was wrong. Elaine tried to ignore it and changed the subject. But Tina was worried and took her to the emergency room where the E.R. doctor diagnosed her with Stage 4 breast cancer. Since Elaine rarely went to doctors or got any checkups, she suffered from a late detection of breast cancer due to her fear of doctors. While visiting my family in New York for winter vacation 2011, I noticed that Elaine’s weight was dropping and her clothes were not as secure as they once were. Elaine was having trouble performing simple tasks, such as walking. Seeing her like this put a lot of stress on her and my family. My family stressed and worried so long as we slowly witnessed her health deteriorate. The link to stress, The Stages of Breast Cancer, and the causes and ways to prevent Breast Cancer will be explained in this paper.
Stress is a factor that may be associated with cancer. By measuring the amount of cortisol in blood or saliva. Cortisol is a steroid hormone released from the adrenal gland in response to signals from the brain. Normally the level is highest early in the morning and falls during the day, but is increased by food, fasting, exercise, or stress. Studies of breast cancer patients have shown that about two-thirds may have abnormal cortisol profiles and this group survive for significantly shorter times (3.2 versus 4.5 years) than those with normal cortisol profiles. The reason
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