Taking a Look at Cervical Cancer

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Let the truth be known that cervical cancer can affect everyone with cervix. That is, all women. It doesn’t just happen to those with multiple sexual partners or women after the age of 30. It can happen even to monogamous women and women in their 20s. But bear in mind that cervical cancer is preventable and curable especially in its early stages.

Massive now is the campaign and attention given by health workers, media and people who had experienced cervical cancer themselves or within their families. Listen to the stories of others and learn what must be done to prevent, detect and cure the second most common cancer for women in the Philippines.

Yes, cervical cancer in the Philippines has become rampant, killing 12 Filipinas everyday. But not many Filipinos still know what it is, how it develops, how it can be prevented and how it can be cured.

What is cervical cancer?

In cervical cancer, there is an abnormal proliferation of cells in the lower part of the uterus –cervix – that connects it to the vagina. It usually begins in the cells that line the cervix. The normal cervix of a woman looks smooth, shiny and pink. When abnormal cells first develop into pre-cancerous cells, changes in the shape, size as well as number of cells occurs in the surface of the cervix. These changes may or may not turn into cancer slowly overtime.

Women with cervical cancer may not initially manifest symptoms. But in the later stages abnormal bleeding and discharges are common.

What is the

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