Taking a Look at Civil Engineers

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The job of a civil engineer is to fix, or build many of our modern conveniences including bridges. Skill in math (specifically measurement and angles) is required for the most part. It is a risky job though because if you design something wrong, you will pay big. Civil engineers are a soul of a cities construction.
Civil Engineers have many job duties because many workers depend on them. Civil engineers have a lot of variables in their building including construction cost, and government regulations. They also preform many tests to determine how they will build on the area, and what the structure is built with (“Civil Engineers.” Career).The job requires provide or present findings, cost estimates, and submit permits or applications. They manage many workers including Civil engineering technicians, architects, and construction workers (“Civil Engineers.” U.S.). Civil engineers have very important job duties because if their structures fail that will not be good for them.
The work environments of a civil engineer can vary widely. Civil engineers Most of the time work near major cities, but sometimes they work in remote or foreign areas. Offices, labs, factories and the actual sites are work environments of many civil engineers. In offices they typically develop plans for a survey. If the Civil engineers visit the site of the job they usually take photos and measurements there (“Civil Engineers” Encyclopedia 529). Civil engineers stay indoors mostly at their offices (“Civil

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