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Student name - JIHAD RAMADAN
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Executive Summary
The following document explains certain duties and responsibilities that building surveyors, building inspectors, engineers and construction certifiers’. Furthermore it gives an insight on certain legislation, regulations, Acts, in which building certifiers must obeyed by and who may certify buildings. It also examines Australian Standards in which relation exists on the methods and directions on how inspection may be conducted with compliance. It informs about important documentation and supporting …show more content…

Relevant inspection is normally carried by persons that have a related filed within the inspection in which they will be inspecting.

Building surveyors are responsible for the checking and approving of building plains and building applications and inspection of projects under construction to check that the work complies with the approved documentation. Inspection of particular stages of building works such as the framing, masonry walls, wet areas or the fire safety features of a project. Building surveyors are engaged or under instruction to conduct a general inspection of a construction.

Domestic construction which may be class 1a building ,two story dwelling must have current building permits that are to be issued by a licensed and registered building surveyor ether being private practicing or a municipal building surveyor may issue a building permit to commence building works.
Legislation dictates that buildings of any class will require inspections in regards to this class 1a dwelling inspection stages will be as follows:
Under Building Regulations 2006 - Regulation 901
For class 1 and 10 buildings (including houses, garages and the like), building work on the development site must be inspected: (a) prior to placing a footing; and (b) prior to pouring an in situ reinforced concrete member nominated by the relevant building surveyor; and (c) completion of framework; and (d) Final, completion of all building work. The

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