Taking a Look at Confusian Ethics

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• Equal Wealth and Exploration of Natural Resources: China is an agriculturally based economy founded thousands of years ago. So, to develop his national economy the ruler has to help his people acquire their own property so that they will leave in peace without any fighting and conflict. It is therefore concluded that fighting and chaos will never predominate in a state in which there is an even distribution of wealth. In addition a government should create a society of even distribution of wealth by providing its people with employment opportunities, developing natural resources and economy and bettering the life of people. • Relationships: From the perspective of human relationships, a business as a complex series of specific relationships that must be executed properly if a firm is to be successful. These relationships progress from ones between workers, to relationships between firms, to those between firms and customers. For relationships to be executed well they must be among moral and competent individuals with the knowledge and good character, names, if you will, to fulfill them correctly. For success, whether in personal or business life, is ultimately the result of competent people applying knowledge. Managers in various responsible positions must possess knowledge: knowledge of the customer; knowledge of the skills, competencies and innovations required to fulfill customers’ met and unmet needs; and the ability to apply appropriate knowledge effectively, which

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