The Importance Of A Co Creation Leadership

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According to Vincent (2014), relationships are the key to advancing professionally, organizationally and socially as they foster the ties necessary to meet objectives. With this, the leader is the responsible party for taking the necessary steps to foster a co-creation environment.
Co-Creation Leadership Culture In the leadership culture, the leader and subordinate must be responsive to the needs of the company. As noted in Figure 1, the channel of communication is a powerful tool for the synthesis of information, problem solving and innovation. According to Ramaswamy and Chopra (2014), a co-creation leadership culture can be created in six steps that entail identifying the key stakeholders, create an environment that reflects purposeful innovation, find supporters of co-creation leadership, increase supporters with value creation moments, spread the value of co-creation relationships and spread the progressiveness to all relevant sectors. There are benefits for having a co-creation leadership approach. Internally, the business is able to attain the best ideas, solve problems more efficiently and recognize the talent that each person brings to the experience. The cooperative environment is conducive for meeting business goals. Externally, the consumer experience is based on value as defined by the characteristics which entails the perception of the product or service. It is the leadership team that transitions the company from co-production to co-creation (Chathotha,

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