Taking a Look at Cyber Crime

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Cybercrime describe a heinous act that interferes with the functioning of the computer networks by exposing the users of the networks together with the systems to risks. The act is committed intentionally with the objective of creating interruptions that disrupt the normal functioning of the system. Computer users feel the harm directly or through a second party depending on the nature of the tool used in committing the crime (Hull and Sivanesar, 2013, p 98). Computer users across the globe are facing threat, due to the rise in cases of cyber crime, and this is necessitating the intervention of the government through enactment of policies that govern the usage of computer technology. According to Richardson (2008, p 3), cyber crime has grown to catastrophic levels thus posing a challenge to global security. Consequently, besides cyber crime affecting the security of individual users of the system, it has a significant effect on the social, political and economic aspects of people’s live hood. As discussed in the piece, cyber crime is an advanced form of violation of the law that poses challenges that were inexistent to the globe prior to the introduction of computers.
Forms of Cyber Crime
Critics categorize computer crime into two groups namely; offences targeting people using computers, and offenses, which interfere with the functioning of computer networks. The common crimes that affect networks in this case include viruses, restrictive access, and malwares.

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