Uk And Eu Legislation For Address Cybercrime

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UK and EU Legislation to address Cybercrime
Abstract - Abstract - in this paper, we present an introduction to cybercrime, and review UK and EU legislation regarding computer crimes.
This paper will briefly address UK and EU laws that have been created to deal with cybercrimes. Numerous writers, to policymakers and law enforcers have called for stringent and innovative laws to prevent and punish computer crimes. Others want legislation to make computer software companies liable for damages caused by their software-security failures. Responding to the challenges of cyber-crime has indeed engendered a cacophony of ideas.
Keywords - cybercrime, cybersecurity, cyber-attacks, UK and EU laws, Hackers, denial-of-service
1. Introduction
Computer-crime or commonly referred to as Cyber-Crime or ICT Crime (van der Merwe, 2008, p.61) is a new type of criminal activity which started showing its ugly head in the early 90 's as the internet became a common place for online users worldwide. This is due to the fact that computer criminals now have the opportunity to gain access to sensitive information if they possess the necessary know-how. This generally causes huge problems in the economic sphere and results in companies and individuals having to take costly steps to ensure their safety and reduction in commission of cyber-crime (Gordon, 2000, p.423). Cybercrime or also known as computer crime can be defined as any criminal activity that involves a computer and can be divided into two

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